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PlayboyTV – Foursome Season 1 Episode 4 – Never Cleave your Wingman


Watch PlayboyTV’s Foursome season 1 episode 4 – Never Cleave your Wingman. This is an adult reality dating series where four strangers come together. In this show, four strangers, two men, and two women are brought together in the Playboy mansion. Through the experience, they are introduced, profiled, and made to participate in erotic activities. The hot playmates generally instigate the first round of sexually oriented party games. What transpires between the participants varies totally on their chemistry. In some episodes, they may engage in sexual encounters while in others, they may go to bed separately. Occasionally, a participant may be so dissatisfied that he or she leaves the mansion early. Finally, participants also occasionally “hook up” with the facilitators of the various activities in addition to their fellow residents.

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