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CheatingWife: Man wants to make sure his Fiancee is Loyal


Danny has been with his girlfriend for three years and has spent his life savings on her. He wants to make sure she is loyal before he says the vows. Now to investigate the spouse, the individual has contacted “All Wives Cheat” investigator to look into the matter. With all the professional assistance, all their doubts would be cleared. Watch as these wives take their partners for granted and cheat on them for some cheap thrills. There is cheating, heartbreak, and confrontation in this drama-filled episode of All Wives Cheat episode. It is a Playboy TV reality adult show that is based on a popular online series of the same name. Marketed as an adult version of the television show Cheaters, it catches unfaithful spouses and lovers engaged in various sex acts. Finally, watch as all the drama unfolds.

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