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Sneaky Husband Fucks his Wife’s Friend while she was not Watching


This husband and wife are a porn couple and make naughty videos. Once the wife’s friend comes home and the sneaky husband fucks her. The friend comes at their home as she is a beauty specialist and the wife had called her for a facial. This friend comes to know that the couple do porn and she is quiet aroused by it. When she covers the wife’s eyes for facial, the husband makes a move on her. She reciprocats and they do naughty things while the wife’s eyes are closed. As the wife was getting her facial from her friend, her sneaky husband fucked her friend. After the facial and the sneaky fuck, the friend gives the wife a vibrator pussy massage and then they have lesbian sex. Finally, watch as the wife’s friend fucks the husband secretly and then seduces the naughty wife too.

Actors: Kathalina

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