Fertility Clinic Part 3 – Unorthodox Methods bears the Best Results


This sweet couple finally get their long awaited appointment at the best Fertility Clinic. Here they meet Dr. Dera who does the magic. Paisley and Seth are trying to have a baby for a long time but are unseccessful so they come to this fertility clinic. After the meet and greet, the doctor leads Paisley to his examination room. Meanwhile Nurse Snow accompanies Seth to the waiting room. Dr. Dera’s creepy and unorthodox methods soon make Paisley question the doctor’s credentials. She questions the doctor’s credentials but she is so desperate to become impregnated that she allows the exam to continue. Meanwhile, Seth is quite upset at what he’s seeing on the laptop but Nurse Snow quickly devours his thick cock. Finally, Seth convinces the slobbering nurse that he’d feel better about the examination if they could join Dr. Dera and his wife.

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