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Furious Wife brings home a Friend to Teach her Idiot Husband a Lesson


While she was out shopping, Lolly maxed out on her credit card and was furious. She brings home a young stud to teach hubby a lesson. It was so embarrassing when her credit card gets declined while shopping but a young stud came to her rescue. Lolly was not pleased with her idiot husband and takes her new friend home. This furious wife wanted to teach her husband a lesson about paying bills on time and humiliate him. So she shows how her new friend consoled her. She took out his massive black cock and gave him a sloppy blowjob while demanding her husband to watch the whole thing. He played with her huge tits before she sat down on his fat dick and rode all her anger out on top of him. Finally, she managed to humiliate her idiot husband with the help of her new friend.

Actors: Lolly Dames

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