Cunning Cougar Wife knows how to get what She Wants


She is about to divorce her rich husband but before that she will take all his priceless artpieces. Watch how she convinces the art appraiser. Ivy is a trophy wife and her husband is a filthy rich man who likes expensive art and good looking woman. As she gets to know about his shenanigans, she wants to divorce him. Before parting, Ivy wants his house and all the priceless art piece he has collected over the years. To access it’s valve, she calls home a young art appraiser and he is a naive guy. Sensing his naiveness, she seduces him to increase the value of those art. After a good fuck with this young guy, the cunning cougar convinces him to increase the price of the art she wants to sell. Finally, watch as a cunning cougar preys on a young guy and makes him do what she wants.

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