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Electrician was not able to Screw the Blub so he Screws the Housewife


This tradesman was called to screw in a new bulb but his ladder was small. The housewife tells him to screw her instead with his cock. He was not able to reach the bulb holder because his ladder was too small. Meanwhile the lady was on the phone with her husband and asks the electrician to get a bigger ladder. As he was about to leave to get a bigger ladder, she stops him and asks for a favour. She tells him to help her with sex as her husband is not satisfying her sexually. At first he was reluctant but she was adamant as her husband would arrive soon. So before her husband gets home, she wants to be sexually satisfied. Soon, the electrician got to business and fucks her till she gets a couple of orgasms. Finally, the unsatisfied housewife was pleasured by the electrician.

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