A Young Married Couple do something SPECIAL on their Anniversary


This is their fifth year anniversary and they wanted to do something special. The wife suggests they go to a special treatment massage parlor. As it was their anniversary, both of them were discussing what they should do on this day. While chatting on it, the wife suggests they visit a massage parlor where they provide “special treatment” for couples. Her husband agrees and soon they go to this parlor and are greeted by two handsome men. She gets a bold and burly masseuse while the husband gets the other handsome masseuse. As the wife lays down, the big guy wastes no time massaging her hot spots and she quickly finds it difficult to resist. The husband and his masseuse get turned on when they realize Samantha’s having sex just a few feet away. Finally, both enjoy the show and are happy to contribute to the hotwife’s facials.


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