Naughty Curious Wife wants to see the Tradesman’s Tools


She has called the tradesman to sort some faulty wires with her television. After he was done, she asked if she could see his big tool. Tommy had come to Lolly’s home to fix her TV while her husband was not home. He quickly fixes the problem and was heading out but Lolly stopped him for another favor. As her husband does not have such good tools, she wants to check out Tommy’s tools. At first, Tommy was reluctant to show his tool but she was adamant and so he took out his tool and she was blown away. After some initiation with the tool, Tommy also showed her how he uses the tool. Lolly was very happy as her husband does not own such a tool and was very thankful for Tommy. Finally, watch as this naughty lonely wife is curious about the tradesman’s tools.

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