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HotWife is very Nervous to do it with her Husband’s Best Friend


Aiden is a hotwife and her husband has set her up with his best friend. She is a little reluctant at first but then gives in to her temptation. Derrick and Aiden are sitting together where she is contemplating whether she should go ahead with it. As Derrick is her husband’s best friend, Aiden is a bit hesitant to have sex with him. She has always been doing it with people they do not know but Derrick is her husband’s friend. It was apparent they were both attracted to each other and Derrick ensures her it will only be sex. After some convincing Aiden gives in and things get heated in the room. They fuck like rabbits and Aiden has the best sex of her life, exactly what she was afraid of. Finally, watch as a hotwife has sex with her husband’s best friend.

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