A Huge Misunderstanding Ensues when Burgler comes to their House


This young husband has planned a naughty surprise for his wife. Things go south when an intruder takes his place and fucks his eager wife. The husband has planned a kinky surprise for his wife. He asks her to undress and wear only a blindfold and lay down on the massage table. Excited for her naughty surprise, she does what was asked. While she was at it, an intruder comes and knocks out the husband and notices the wife waiting for the surprise. Without wasting any more time, he gives his cock to her and soon has her moaning with pleasure. This wakes her husband and he finds himself tied to the chair. The wife takes off her blindfold and the intruder convinces her that this is her surprise and she goes with it. Finally, the cuckold husband watches his wife get fucked in front of him.

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