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She got Cold Feet before the Wedding so the Best Man convinces Her


It is her wedding day and she is not sure if she wants to do it anymore. To convince the bride, her husband sends his best man for the job. A wedding day can be termed as the happiest day of a woman’s life but that is not true for her. The bride is all dressed up and now she is having cold feet about the wedding. She is not sure if she wants to marry her fiance who has a very small cock. Unsatisfied with his cock length, she is about to call off the wedding when the groom has an idea. He sends in his best man to convince her with his big cock. Knowing how much of a slut she is, the groom knew she will not decline a big cock. Finally, the best man goes into her room and convinces her with his big cock.

Actors: Sarah Jessie

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