Husband Finds the Best Doctor to Fix their Boring SEX Life


This couple was having a boring sex life so they decide to visit a doctor. The doctor knew exactly what was missing and prescribes a threesome. After having months of unexciting sex, Anna and Josh are seeing Vince, a psychiatrist who specializes in sexual matters. He is a very smart professional and asks them to adopt the swinger lifestyle. During the appointment, things go from theoretical to practical, and pretty soon Anna has both their cocks in her mouth. It is the doctor’s duty to solve their problems so he and Josh fuck Anna to restore the excitement in their sex lives. Some minutes later, as both guys are slamming Anna on the doctor’s examination table, an angry patient storms into the room. He is angry as he has been waiting in the lobby for a long time. Finally, the patient’s anger turns to lust and he joins the action.

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