Jerk Boss and Mean Wife Humiliate and Cuckold You in the Office


Your jerk boss always humiliates you and today he has fired you for being a bitch. Today, your wife comes to meet him and ends up cucking you. Like everyday your jerk of a boss is venting out all his frustrations on you, he loves to humiliate you. He spends your entire performance review yelling at you and telling you how worthless you are. Then he makes you bring your wife in his cabin so he can talk about your performance review with her. When your wife arrives, he is smitten by her beauty and your wife starts to humiliate you by flirting with him. She is a evil bitch and she loves humiliating you in front of other. Soon, your wife is sucking your boss’ cock in front of you and you have to watch it all. Finally, they fuck right in front of you.

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