Slutty Cheating Girlfriend Shalina gets shared with the Masseuse


Shalina is in a horny mood and the massage from the masseur makes her hornier. Soon, she makes him fuck her while her BF is outside. It’s a spa day for Shalina and her boyfriend and they visit a lavish luxury spa. When they find themselves all alone in the pool area, they decide to have a quick fuck. After that, Shalina heads to another area of the spa to receive a massage from a handsome masseur. With her boyfriend in the other room, she lets the masseur seduce her and start fucking the shit out of her. As he’s doing just that, the boyfriend walks into the room to discover the masseur’s cock in his girlfriend’s pussy. Instead of getting angry, though, he quickly joins the fun. Finally, the boyfriend and the handsome masseur then DP Shalina.

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