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Thicc Cheating Wife wakes Up Next to her Boyfriend and they FUCK


She wakes up to her husband’s texts in her boyfriend’s bed. As she goes to take a shower, her boyfriend follows as he is still not done with her. Ashlyn is a married and totally unfaithful woman. After a night of cheating on her husband with Peter, she wakes up to a million texts. After lying to him by making some lame excuse, she goes in the shower to wash off the smell of sex. Her boyfriend Peter just cannot get enough of her and keeps staring at her amazing, soapy big naturals. He asks to join her and she invites his cock into her eager mouth. Deepthroating her boyfriend in the shower, he insists they go fuck on the couch one more time. Ashlyn’s massive big naturals titties, jiggle as she gets pounded roughly. Finally, he fucks her hard and fast, making her cum all over his throbbing cock.

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