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She comes as a Stripper at her Cheating Fiance’s Bachelor Party


Whitney is about to marry her long time boyfriend but she has a feeling he is a cheat. To prove her theory right she does the unthinkable. Whitney is about to get married, but she suspects her husband-to-be is going to cheat on her at his bachelor party. Whitney tests out her theory by taking the place of the party’s stripper, donning a sexy pink wig and some hot lingerie for the gig. The husband tries to be good at first, but he falters and is about to allow the “stripper” to suck his dick. Whitney reveals herself and confronts the lousy fiancé. Bachelor party attendee Zac Wild has been watching the whole thing and Whitney offers to fuck him, to teach the lying fiancé a lesson. Finally, Zac happily gives Whitney a good fucking, including some hot anal action.

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