Slutty HipHop Groupies have some FUN after the Music Video Shoot


Rapper Mike Dece loves to shoot music videos with naked girls. Bruno is a naughty asshole, he just cannot miss any chance to fuck a groupie. Bruno and his cameraman reach out to Mike Dece while he is making a music video. There are two naked chicks by his side, ready to expose themselves in front of the camera. After some fooling around, they got to take a shower and one girl ends up sucking Mike’s cock. After his turn, Bruno gives her his cock which she happily gobbles like a slut. Next, he offers her a ride in his car where things get hotter. He stops at a secluded parking lot and fucks her. Later, they go to the back of their car and she gives him a blowjob. Finally, he ditches her naked in the parking lot and runs away in his car.

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