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Evil Lacy shuts her Cuckold in the Trunk and Fucks her BBC Lover


Lacy is a dominating girlfriend and loves to find different ways to mindfuck her cuckold. Today she does something that was never expected. She is pure evil and every time finds different ways to fuck with her cuckold boyfriend and humiliate him. Her boyfriend had his favorite car which he treasured and kept like his baby. Lacy calls her BBC lover Isiah at this car’s garage and they start getting wild inside this car. Hearing the commotion, Lacy’s boyfriend comes to watch, and that pissis off Isiah. Then Isiah bullies the boyfriend and ties him with duct tape and puts him in the trunk. Evil Lacy just watches that and then immediately gets along with BBC Isiah and has sex in the car. Finally, after the sex, she opens up the trunk and commands her cuckold to clean up.

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